Friday, October 16, 2009

Restricted area


Vereda said...

So we are informed that the pyramids at Giza represent Neolithic design, engineering, and construction, how marvelous. More amazing still that ‘modern’ man seems to lack this Neolithic ‘know-how’.

Could there have been visiting advisors directing the construction at Giza? Could the Pyramids be even much older than what we are told by academics today? And who could these construction advisors have been? Could they have been visitors from another civilization more civil and indeed more technologically advanced than ours? Intriguing questions. Thank you for ‘Restricted Area’. Seems that this is a ‘restricted’ topic as well, as least among many academics of today.

marpa said...

Listening to the pyramids with an open mind and a pure heart it seems that it is not so easy. That is why many "academics" are not able to tune in to the melody that even today is subtly broadcasted by this magnificent time-machines called pyramids at Giza.

When a few years ago I slept twice on top of the great pyramid I found out the answer to many questions I had about the "lost" civilization of Atlantis.

I guess you found out those answers too.