Saturday, January 10, 2009

Modified Gravity Theory: MOG

John W. Moffat: Building on General Relativity, and beyond it.

Book: Reinventing gravity.


BirD said...

I just read this what did you think?

marpa said...

Hi BirD:

I think that Modified Gravity Theory is the door towards a new scientific revolution.

I don´t think that string theories will lead us towards a unified Field theory.

If I was a scientist, I would definitely invest my efforts investigating in the line of this theory.

I like the implications of it, and I have the "intuition" that it is going in the right direction.

It will probably take some "time", but I believe that this is the future of physics.

Newton, Einstein, Moffat,...

Enjoy it.

BUD said...

I think that Marpa is correct in his analysis, Moffat offers a new way of looking at a variety of problems and, using Occams razor, cuts the gordian knot of dark matter and funny energy.